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May 15, 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to another OM in the News roundup! Here’s what we’ve been blogging about lately. All posts include videos and discussion prompts for supply chain and OM classes.

Lean Six Sigma in Hospitals
Although Lean Six Sigma has its origins in manufacturing, many services effectively use it, including hospitals.  Read more…

Do Manufacturing Workers Benefit from Automation?
Advanced manufacturing technologies promise better jobs. Is it time to rejoice?  Read more…

Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange
Amazon launched a program to keep counterfeiters off its e-commerce platforms and fake goods from entering its warehouses.  Read more…

Search our archive of hundreds of articles and videos at OM in the News! Individual posts are on the All Articles page, indexed by textbook chapters and keywords.

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Amazon's Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange
Tupperware’s Slow Descent into Oblivion