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May 1, 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to another OM in the News roundup! Here’s what we’ve been blogging about lately. All posts include videos and discussion prompts for supply chain and OM classes.

Zipline Drones to Serve 10,000 Locations this Year
Zipline’s delivery drone technology has now made over half a million deliveries of life-saving supplies in several African nations and Japan.  Read more…

Costs of Quality: Tulare Lake Flooding
Much of California’s most productive farmland has yet to emerge from flooding caused by this winter’s torrential rain and snow storms.  Read more…

South Carolina Leads in EV Industrial Development
South Carolina has set a fast pace for growth in the electric vehicles (EV) segment, and is home to over 500 automotive-related manufacturers.  Read more…

Search our archive of hundreds of articles and videos at OM in the News! Individual posts are on the All Articles page, indexed by textbook chapters and keywords.

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South Carolina Leads in EV Industrial Development
French Bakeries Struggle with Rising Costs of Dough