March 18, 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to another OM in the News roundup! Here’s what we’ve been blogging about lately. All posts include videos and discussion prompts for supply chain and OM classes.

Rolls Royce Product Redesign Doubles Operating Time
Rolls-Royce is planning to invest in blade coatings of A350-1000 engines to improve durability and resilience.  Read more…

How Would Wendy’s Implement Dynamic Pricing in 2025?
Wendy’s CEO announced during an earnings call on February 15, 2024, that the restaurant planned to introduce dynamic pricing in 2025.  Read more…

Taco Bell’s Menu Expansion
Taco Bell plans to add over 25 items to its menu in 2024.  Read more…

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Image source: Mehdi Photos/Shutterstock

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Taco Bell's Menu Expansion
Walmart Selling Intermodal Assets to J.B. Hunt