Kia Recalls SUVS Due to Fire Hazard

March 9, 2020
Kia Recalls SUVS Due to Fire Hazard

Kia is joining Hyundai in recalling SUVs and minivans in the United States because of an electrical short that is a known fire hazard.

Kia and Hyundai combined have recalled over 650,000 vehicles due to this issue in the braking system computer. Engine fires have been reported for several years now in both Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

Video Spotlight:

This post is based on the CBS News article, Kia recalls over 200,000 SUVs and vans for electrical problems that can cause fires, by AP, February 21, 2020, and the YouTube videos featured in the Video Spotlight. Image source: Shutterstock/piotr szczepanek.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why does there seem to be a systematic issue with engine fires for these manufacturers?

Guidance: Students should recognize that a good quality management program should theoretically eliminate a systematic issue altogether.  Ask students to consider the impact of sourcing on quality management.  It is likely the assembled parts, such as the braking computer system, are being shipped from Chinese factories.  Should quality management be enforced at the supplier factories?  If so, how?

2. Ask students to research the issues with engine fires for Kia and Hyundai on the internet.  What appears to be the root cause of most issues?

Guidance: This is a chance to expand on the first question above.  Students should look for common elements such as the suppliers, factory locations, etc.  Is there some partner or location where the issues seem to originate?  What should be done by manufacturers to solve the quality issues going forward?  Suggestions should include Six Sigma and other quality management methods.  This is a chance for students to see why quality management matters in the factory and at the supplier alike.


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