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January 10, 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to another OM in the News roundup! Here’s what we’ve been blogging about lately. All posts include videos and discussion prompts for supply chain and OM classes.

Miniaturization of Warehouses for Retail Giants
Rick Cohen’s ability to spot inefficiencies led him to develop technological solutions for the family business. Read more…

Lab-Grown Coffee as a Sustainable Solution
“Faux joe” is brewing in Finland as researchers taste their first cups of coffee made from lab-grown cells. Read more…

Pet Food Manufacturer Expands Capacity and Warehouse
Mars Petcare is investing $117 million in its pet food manufacturing facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Read more…

Search our archive of hundreds of articles and videos at OM in the News! Individual posts are on the All Articles page, indexed by textbook chapters and keywords.

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Pet Food Manufacturer Expands Capacity and Warehouse
Building Back Better in Joplin