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Domino’s Expands Use of Virtual Ordering

Domino’s is trying out an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to take phone orders.

Domino’s ordering assistant, “Dom”, has been available on smartphone apps since 2014, and has been very successful as part of the phone app, allowing customers to place voice orders.  Using voice commands provides a hands-free methods of placing an order.

Dom also exists as a chatbot on Facebook and on Domino’s webpage.  Now, Domino’s is moving this technology to phone orders with a limited test introduction.

This post is based on the Chain Storage article, Pizza chain’s virtual ordering assistant takes on a new task, by Deena M. Amato-McCoy, April 23, 2018. Image source: Shutterstock / Ljupco Smokovski.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why would Domino’s want to use this technology?

Guidance: The biggest reasons are related to cost.  The workers at the store can now concentrate on filling the orders rather than taking the phone calls, or tracking orders.  This should result in labor savings.

2. What problems might Domino’s encounter with the use of Dom for phone orders.

Guidance: Previous uses of Dom, including voice ordering through the smartphone app, have been well received.  Domino’s use of humor in other applications has helped the technology gain acceptance.  However in other applications, the technology is an option that many times makes it more convenient for the customer to order.  For example, with the smart phone apps, it allows a person to place an order using a hands-free process.  Placing and tracking orders through automated systems is available as well.  The only person-to-person system left is the phone order.

Although many people will be fine with this new system, there are probably some people that still wish to place their order with a person.  It will be interesting to see the level of acceptance – and resistance – to Dom’s extended application.

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