How Would Wendy’s Implement Dynamic Pricing in 2025?

Wendy’s CEO announced during an earnings call on February 15, 2024, that the restaurant planned to introduce dynamic pricing in 2025.

Other terms used to describe dynamic pricing are surge pricing, also known as yield management. Surge pricing allows for rapid price changes based on various factors. The most common way of implementing it is by increasing prices during peak periods of demand, and reducing prices during slower periods. The intent is to smooth out demand to allow for more efficient operations. […]

Prescription for Pharmaceutical Shortages: Reshoring

Reshoring of pharmaceuticals is viewed by many as a critical issue for the safety and security of the American health care system.

Shortages of a wide array of drugs, including chemotherapy medicines, antibiotics, children’s fever medications, poison antidotes, and AD/HD medications, currently plague the U.S. supply chain and sometimes delay or prevent patients from obtaining critically needed supplies.

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Mars Introduces the M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad

Too many trick-or-treaters knocking on the door? Or, maybe you ate more of the Halloween candy than you intended?

Mars went on a mission to save your Halloween!

In spite of spending a projected $3.6 Billion on Halloween candy, many people fear running out of treats on Halloween.

This is where the M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad came into play.

After 3:00 pm on Halloween, the Rescue Squad offered to deliver Mars candy to homes, free, through a partnership with Gopuff, a delivery service. Only […]

AI Inspired Beverages

Recently, Coca-Cola has introduced limited-edition beverages, hoping to appeal to a younger audience. These beverages have come in both a sugar and sugar-free version.

Past versions have included Ultimate aimed at gamers, Starlight inspired by space, Dreamworld, which tastes like dreams, and Byte, which is a “pixel” flavor. They have also partnered with artists Rosalia and Marshmallow on limited edition flavors.

The new limited-edition flavor, Y3000, was introduced in September 2023.  Unlike Coca-Cola’s past limited-edition flavors developed using traditional methods, Y3000 used AI […]

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