Craft Breweries Choose Simplicity in a Changing Market

After an impressive run, the craft beer industry is shifting gears.

Before the pandemic, the industry grew at a fast pace. To keep up with a market thirsty for new tastes and flavors, breweries continuously innovated and released a dizzying selection of beers. When the pandemic hit, tap rooms had to close down. After the pandemic, demand had changed, and breweries had to rethink their strategy. A renewed focus on simplicity rather than variety now seems to be a wiser and […]

Risks in Red Sea Disrupt Suez Canal Shipping

Attacks on vessels in the Red Sea by Iran-backed Houthi militia have caused companies to either re-route their shipment around Suez Canal or consider air freight.

Since most of Target’s products come from China and are shipped across the Pacific Ocean to ports in the West Coast, the impacts of the Suez disruption on its operations are not as severe. Companies such as Tesla and Volvo have had to suspend production due to component shortages.

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“Keep It” Policy Increases

In the past, many retailers have used a “keep it” return policy, where customers are allowed to keep an item they want to return.

“Keep it” use is increasing. In 2022, 26% of major retailers used this approach, but in 2023, 59% have used a “keep it” policy.

The issue revolves around the amount of returns, and the cost of returns. In the US, it is expected that $173 Billion worth of merchandise will be returned. The average return costs $30. As a […]

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