No Chick-fil-A at the Super Bowl

Chick-fil-A will soon be the third largest fast food chain. And the College Park, Georgia-based company continues to uphold its long-standing policy of being closed on Sundays.

One of its locations is a fast-food stand inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new home for the Atlanta Falcons.  This stadium is also home to Super Bowl LIII.

The no-Sundays policy means, for the vast majority of the Falcons’ home games, and for Super Bowl LIII, fans will not be able to enjoy Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwiches […]

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How Walmart Applies Data Science

Data science is applied at Walmart Labs to sourcing, order/shipment preparation, transportation, last mile/routing/scheduling, and last mile order pick up. Applications include queuing and linear programming.

Check out this Medium article for an informative and high-level overview of how data science applications improve the efficiency and effectiveness of complex supply chain management at Walmart.

This post is based on the Medium article, Data Science in Walmart Supply Chain Technology, by Mingang Fu, November 1, 2018. […]

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Is Less Care the Key to Value Health Care?

The search for value healthcare is taking a new turn as Blue Cross Blue Shields of Massachusetts forces hospitals to realign their strategies from a focus on efficiency to one on patient outcomes.

As the largest payer in the state, BCBS is incentivizing hospitals to keep patients out of hospital beds. The future of this pilot program at South Shore Hospital is still uncertain, but it looks promising.

Video Spotlight: Value-Driven Outcomes: A program to reduce hospital costs

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Fed Up With the DMV? You’re Not Alone!

Frustration with the DMV’s long wait times is nothing new. Yet, this Sacramento Bee article reveals extreme wait times at the DMV leading to the public’s exasperation and anger.

Video spotlightCalifornia DMV customers angry over rising wait times

Over the past year, wait times have increased by 60 percent and can reach 7 hours. An increase in demand combined with longer service times and insufficient capacity have created a situation that is unbearable enough to trigger lawmakers’ […]

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