Bite Ninja Uses Remote Gig Workers to Take Faster Food Orders

During the pandemic, finding employees has become difficult. The fast food industry has been hit especially hard by a shortage of employees.

Many restaurant workers have left the industry for reasons including better pay, fewer health risks, and more stability.  Additionally, enhanced unemployment benefits in the U.S. have kept many workers out of the workforce.

Bite Ninja offers a new approach to help alleviate the employee shortage.  This service uses technology to allow workers to take orders at drive-thru restaurants remotely.  Workers […]

Setting Priorities for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Setting the priority as to the order in which people will receive a COVID-19 vaccine has received a great deal of attention.  The decision comes down to setting priorities for different groups.

In other words, the decisions are about queue discipline for selection of people waiting in line. Different priorities can result in different outcomes.  In addition, public perception must be considered when setting the queue discipline.

In the US, the CDC has provided guidelines as to the priorities that different populations […]

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Disney’s Changes For Capacity Management and Safety

Walt Disney World plans to keep some of its COVID-19 health and protocol changes even after things return to pre-pandemic levels of magic.

Even before the pandemic began, Disney was creating new ways to address problems like capacity management and guest experience. Some of these were implemented in recent months. These new approaches are here to stay, including a park reservation system, mobile ordering at park restaurants, queue reservation systems, and even paying for merchandise without cash or credit card.

Meanwhile, occupancy […]

Fast Food Breakfasts Slow Down

Fast food breakfast sales slumped early in the COVID-19 crisis as work commutes halted and breakfasts were eaten at home.

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Panera, and Dunkin’ are still struggling to win back customers in the early hours of the day, though sales at other times of day are improving.  Restaurants are scrambling to realign their employees’ schedules, menu forecasting and design to the “new normal.”

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