TikTok Slows Down Starbucks

TikTok has inspired a variety of customized drinks at Starbucks, especially when those drinks go viral. Complicated orders have also inspired baristas to post TikTok videos about what goes into making such complex drinks.

In general, organizations appreciate customers promoting their products on social media. But occasionally, there are unforeseen consequences.

Starbucks strives to keep its drive-thru time around 40-50 seconds. However, some viral video recipes are complicated, which increases the time it takes to make them, resulting in […]

Ready to Travel Again? Be Prepared for Flight Delays and Cancellations


As air travel picks up this summer, passengers are reminded of the frustrations that come with it.

Long lines at the airports, delays, and even cancellations are to be expected. American Airlines passengers are especially affected because the airline is struggling to fill positions that had been eliminated at the height of the pandemic. What seemed like a sensible cost-saving strategy at the time has caused bottlenecks that are now hindering the economic recovery of the company and annoying its customers.


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Setting Priorities for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Setting the priority as to the order in which people will receive a COVID-19 vaccine has received a great deal of attention.  The decision comes down to setting priorities for different groups.

In other words, the decisions are about queue discipline for selection of people waiting in line. Different priorities can result in different outcomes.  In addition, public perception must be considered when setting the queue discipline.

In the US, the CDC has provided guidelines as to the priorities that different populations […]

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Fixing the COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Scheduling Problem


Frustrated about not having an appointment yet? You have company!

Millions of people have been trying to secure an appointment, and the process is both unnerving and confusing. Demand greatly outstrips supply, which calls for a well-organized system. Unfortunately, in several states, people rush to secure scarce appointments online, either causing the systems to crash or forcing them to refresh their screens continuously until a new appointment opens up. Yet, some states lead in vaccination rates thanks to efficient, one-stop pre-registration […]

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