Ready to Travel Again? Be Prepared for Flight Delays and Cancellations


As air travel picks up this summer, passengers are reminded of the frustrations that come with it.

Long lines at the airports, delays, and even cancellations are to be expected. American Airlines passengers are especially affected because the airline is struggling to fill positions that had been eliminated at the height of the pandemic. What seemed like a sensible cost-saving strategy at the time has caused bottlenecks that are now hindering the economic recovery of the company and annoying its customers.


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Bottleneck for U.S. Coronavirus Response: The Fax Machine


Problems with testing continue, but they may not be what you think.

As the U.S. ramps up COVID-19 testing, the infrastructure to process the test results has become another impediment to containing the virus. A myriad of issues ranging from incompatible technologies to lack of data standardization has delayed the reporting of results. These delays have made it difficult for people testing positive to remember all the people with whom they had contacts before the test, which impairs the ability to […]

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Is Less Care the Key to Value Health Care?

The search for value healthcare is taking a new turn as Blue Cross Blue Shields of Massachusetts forces hospitals to realign their strategies from a focus on efficiency to one on patient outcomes.

As the largest payer in the state, BCBS is incentivizing hospitals to keep patients out of hospital beds. The future of this pilot program at South Shore Hospital is still uncertain, but it looks promising.

Video Spotlight: Value-Driven Outcomes: A program to reduce hospital costs

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Biometrics May Reduce Lines at Airport Security

Article Title: Passing Through Airport Security with the Touch of a Finger

Author of Article: C. Martin

Date of article: September 8, 2017

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A company called Clear is working with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in US airports to implement biometrics. The plan is to reduce congestion at airport security checkpoints. The biometrics involved are fingerprints and iris scans, and they would help some flyers bypass the document-verification step of the TSA’s screening process. The roll-out has been slower […]

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