The Automat Returns

Under the category of “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” is the return of the Automat.

The original Automat opened in Berlin in 1895.  America’s first Automat was opened by Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart in Philadelphia, in 1902. Their Automat chain, Horn and Hardart, grew in popularity, with over 100 restaurants in New York City by the 1950s.

Restaurants served home-style comfort food.  Many even had a wall of pies, with hot coffee being one of their […]

COVID-Sniffing Dogs in Helsinki

Ten amazing dogs sniff out COVID-19 carrying passengers in Finland’s Helsinki airport.

In a pilot program, passengers are asked to volunteer to run a test wipe across their skin to collect a sweat sample.  The wipe is placed in a cup in a nearby booth, where the dogs quickly go to work and make a physical sign to indicate samples that carry the virus.

These canines can detect the virus in only ten seconds, and up to five days before symptoms even […]

Black Friday Re-Imagined

Has Black Friday been upstaged by a new October shopping day?

Retailers are looking for ways to drum up demand.  They are also seeking creative capacity alternatives to fill it and distribution channels to get merchandise delivered in a timely way.

Some retailers envision encouraging more online shopping with Black Friday deals available online instead of only in-store to cater to shoppers still leery of big crowds and pandemic concerns.  Others plan to take it a step further with a new holiday, […]

COVID-19 Sensors in Development

Will bomb sniffing dogs find themselves out of work?  Technology originally being developed to identify chemicals or explosives in airports and planes is now being repurposed to seek and find people carrying coronavirus.

Airbus and California tech start-up, Koniku, are developing a contactless screening sensor that can detect the presence of COVID-19 in people’s breath or sweat, even if they are unaware that they are infected.  Sensors can be mounted on airport or airplane walls. An alarm would sound if an […]

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