How Amazon Pharmacy Achieves Same-Day Prescription Delivery

Amazon Pharmacy has introduced same-day prescription delivery to New York City and Los Angeles by employing innovative technologies.

Amazon uses generative artificial intelligence and machine learning to help on-site pharmacists fill and process prescriptions more quickly and accurately. A robotic arm may be used to fill and/or label bottles. Once verified by a pharmacist, the prescription is delivered via electric vans, e-bikes and other vehicles.

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Design Cycle for GM’s Hummer EV Cut by 3 Years

With its Hummer EV, GM has cut 3 years out of its usual 5-year design time.

GM says that the new development process is saving $1.5 billion annually. GM is using new technologies such as virtual product testing and hardware-in-the-loop testing to cut product development time dramatically.  It also helps that the Hummer EV is using a battery that was previously developed and has far fewer parts compared to combustion engine technology.

Testing virtual parts saves money since 3-D printed parts can […]

Bionic Boost in the Workplace

Robotic shorts offer relief to fatigued workers.

The latest, exciting quest to improve working conditions has produced robotic shorts. Developed by a team of university researchers, the lightweight exosuit and its power system are designed to detect movements and assist their execution, thereby reducing the stress and injury associated with physical demands. The increased strength is expected to boost workers’ productivity.

Video Spotlight: Walking Faster with Robo Shorts

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Revamping Time and Motion Studies

A new survey indicates that humans, not machines, perform 72 percent of manufacturing tasks.  However, when companies look at improving efficiency, they often overlook how to make humans more productive and focus instead on how to replace them with automation.

Robots are well suited for some tasks, but many other tasks still require the human touch.  In addition, industrial engineers often use time and motion study techniques which, while valuable, have been in use since Henry Ford’s days in the early […]

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