Highly Automated Microfactories for E.V. Start-Up

A developer of electric vans and buses bets that smaller is cheaper. UPS seems to agree.

Automobile production and assembly line have been intrinsically linked for more than a century. Volume production justifies the high capital investments. Nevertheless, Arrival, an E.V. start-up, believes that highly automated microfactories are the way to go to produce small volumes of delivery vehicles. The production relies on flexible robots able to perform a variety of tasks. This unproven approach is appealing to UPS, BlackRock, Kia, […]

LocusBots Track Real-Time Warehouse Operations

In response to a surge in e-commerce, Locus Robotics is developing better and more efficient robots to handle increased warehousing demand.

Locus Robotics’ robots are called “LocusBots”.  They are autonomous and mobile and can track real-time warehouse operations using iPhone or wearable technology.

New features for LocusBots to better handle item picking and handling in warehouses are in the research and development stage.

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Robots: Why Can’t They Just Get Along?

Robots at Singapore’s Changi General Hospital are learning much needed communications skills.

The hospital uses about 50 robots from eight different manufacturers to perform a variety of tasks including assisting with surgery, cleaning, monitoring COVID isolation patients, and overseeing patients’ rehabilitation exercises.  Unfortunately, these robots could not communicate with each other, and hallway traffic jams occurred several times a day.

Two robots moving towards each other in a hallway would meet and freeze up, not knowing how to navigate around an object […]

Foxconn’s Wisconsin Factory Repurposed for Google

Foxconn is planning to use its mostly-idle Wisconsin factory to assemble Google server components.

The Wisconsin factory will be reconfigured with computing and infrastructure capabilities.  Foxconn will start mass production of the Google server components in the first quarter of 2021.

Video Spotlight: Foxconn Plant Championed by Trump Lands Google Server Contract (Nov 23, 2020, Bloomberg QuickTake: Now)

This post is based on The Verge article, Foxconn’s Wisconsin factory reportedly wins Google server manufacturing contract, by […]

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