Kerecis Reduces Waste By Repurposing Fish Skin

Kerecis, a company in Iceland, has partnered with Iceland Ocean Cluster on a 100% Fish Project with the goal of creating high-value products out of previously wasted parts of the Atlantic Cod.

One such product is turning fish skin into human skin grafts, enabling burn victims to heal and generate new skin. Other products include getting fish oil from fish liver, exporting fish heads to Africa, and making fish leather from fish skin.

The 100% Fish Project fosters innovation, promotes economic development, […]

White Castle Becomes Love Castle on February 14th

Looking for a place to dine on Valentine’s Day and you’re a White Castle fan?

Participating White Castle restaurants are being transformed on February 14th into “Love Castles.” This White Castle tradition began in 1991, and has been an annual event, with the exception of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many couples are making this event their Valentine’s Day tradition.

Instead of normal fast-food ordering, for that one day, White Castle executes a major project to convert more than 300 participating dining rooms into a […]

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NFL and CBS Prep for Super Bowl LVIII

One of the biggest events of the year is the Super Bowl.

The 2024 Super Bowl (Super Bowl LVIII) will be held in Las Vegas on February 11th, at Allegiant Stadium. Las Vegas has hosted some of the biggest events from prize fights to entertainment. However, this could be the biggest event ever in Las Vegas, and is the first time the city has hosted the Super Bowl.

Preparation begins far in advance for many organizations including the NFL and CBS. Although […]

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5G Helmet’s Product Design Increases Accessibility

In 1894, deaf and hard of hearing players at Gallaudet University introduced the football huddle.  They were playing another school with deaf students who knew sign language, and they couldn’t risk giving away their plays.

Now, Gallaudet Bison’s football team has debuted groundbreaking technology developed in conjunction with AT&T. A new helmet allows a coach to call a play on a tablet from the sideline, and the information is transferred to a small display inside the quarterback’s special helmet.

At the moment, […]

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