Ready to Travel Again? Be Prepared for Flight Delays and Cancellations


As air travel picks up this summer, passengers are reminded of the frustrations that come with it.

Long lines at the airports, delays, and even cancellations are to be expected. American Airlines passengers are especially affected because the airline is struggling to fill positions that had been eliminated at the height of the pandemic. What seemed like a sensible cost-saving strategy at the time has caused bottlenecks that are now hindering the economic recovery of the company and annoying its customers.


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Chip Shortage Puts the Brakes on Automakers

Deliveries of full-size pickups and SUVs are delayed because of a global chip shortage caused by temporary plant closures amid the pandemic.

This shortage, coupled with port closures that prevented shipments of auto parts from unloading, has further limited truck and SUV production at General Motors and Ford.

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Considering the Coronavirus Impact on Apple’s Supply Chain

The deadly coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China in December of 2019 may negatively impact Apple’s business. China is Apple’s supplier as well as a strong retail market.

Apple has to prepare for disrupted operations in manufacturing, retail businesses and iCloud data centers as Chinese employees and consumers choose to stay away – or are required to – in order to avoid spreading the virus.

This is the first in a series of posts on OM in the News looking at how […]

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Waffle House Disaster Recovery Index

Waffle House views disaster recovery as an important part of its business.  The company believes that having a Waffle House restaurant open after a disaster helps the community.

Part of it is the customers that are used to Waffle House being open 24/7/365.  The restaurant being open gives people a sense of normalcy in a crisis.  Additionally, it’s for employees (which Waffle House calls associates).  If the locations aren’t open, employees aren’t making a living.  As a result, Waffle House strives […]

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