Stay-At-Home Improvements Mean Appliance Shortages

A surge in home improvement projects and new home construction has created a strong demand for appliances from refrigerators to washing machines. As a result, manufacturers, retailers, shippers, and raw materials suppliers are struggling to keep up with the strong demand.

Amid item shortages, retailers like Lowe’s are shifting from in-store showrooms to direct-to-customer deliveries.

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Manufacturers Plan Nearshoring and Reshoring

In April 2020, 878 North American companies were surveyed, with 64% of those companies reporting they will likely reshore or nearshore manufacturing and sourcing to avoid supply chain disruptions in the future.  Manufacturers can shorten lead time and cut transportation costs by reshoring and/or nearshoring.

The handling of the COVID-19 outbreak in China further illustrated the vulnerabilities associated with sourcing from distant regions of the world.

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Effect of Chinese New Year on Inventory Management

The Chinese New Year brings manufacturing slowdowns in China. United States companies must plan on being proactive in managing supply by making early purchases and scheduling transportation before the slowdowns begin.

Building buffer inventory in the United States as a result of early purchases means storage capacity in the United States must be managed proactively as well.

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French Fry Shortage Looming?

Unusually cold and wet weather this Fall has impacted the potato harvest.  Many Canadian and US growers will have a significantly reduced potato harvest this year.

Additionally, many of the potatoes being harvested are smaller in size.  French fry processors prefer larger potatoes.  The US Department of Agriculture is projecting a 6.1% reduction in potato harvest in the US.

Potato harvests in the Canadian Provinces of Manitoba and Alberta are especially hard hit.

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