Be Your Own Model

Walmart invites you to “Be Your Own Model” and buy more clothes!

As discretionary spending falls, the company is trying to lure customers into buying more of its clothes. Central to achieving this goal is the use of a digital tool that enables shoppers to try on clothes virtually. They can view the clothes on one of the 120 models that looks most like them. Alternatively, they can send their own picture, and the tool will scan their body and show […]

Coffee Beans Brewing High Prices

A perfect storm of calamities in the coffee supply chain are brewing up record high prices.

Prices are up as much as 60% this year at levels not seen since 2011.  Brazil, where 40 percent of the world’s Arabic coffee is grown, recently suffered from both a severe frost and a drought.  It is estimated that 25 percent of the world’s coffee was lost as a result.  Increasing costs of fertilizers, labor, packaging, and transportation are adding to the woes of […]

Tupperware Faces the Bullwhip Effect

The demand for companies like Tupperware has risen and fallen with the peaks of the pandemic.

Early in the pandemic, demand for plastic food storage containers increased, leaving shelves empty. As restrictions ease, fewer people eat in, leaving Tupperware with excess inventory. Besides taking downtime at selected factories, Tupperware is working to add more omnichannel options, to sell through its inventory backlog.

Shortages of raw material, increased raw material prices, and the unpredictable nature of pandemic-related restrictions, are factors which have made […]

Power Crunch in China Affects Apple, Tesla, and More

Chinese factories for Apple and Tesla had to suspend operations for several days in late summer and early fall of 2021, to ease China’s growing power shortages and to cut emissions.

The rising demand for electricity, the surging coal and gas prices, and the desire to cut emissions has created an ongoing power crunch situation in China.  The suspended production of Chinese factories has driven Apple and Tesla to look elsewhere for the needed supplies of printed circuit boards, chip packaging […]

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