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Cashless Technology at the New Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas, a multi-billion dollar project over five years in the making, opened on June 24, 2021, on the north Strip.

Many, including RWLS’s president, Scott Sibella, hope the project will breath new life into the city’s tourism industry, still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, in addition to energizing an area of the Strip that has not been the target of major development in a long time.

The property was designed from the start for cashless technology, including cashless wagering and QR codes that allow guests to bypass the Reception desk for check-in.

Video Spotlight: 

This post is based on the USA Today article, Resorts World Las Vegas: Even the chips have chips at the Strip’s newest casino, by Ken Ritter, June 26, 2021; the Edge Markets article, All eyes on Genting Las Vegas to repeat Resorts World Singapore’s success, by Ester Lee, May 4, 2021; and the YouTube videos in the Spotlight. Image source: asiaphotoworks/Spaces Images/Blend Images LLC

Discussion Questions:

1. What is a project and how has this particular project developed over time?

Guidance: A project is a unique, one time set of activities with a designated beginning and ending, such as a construction job, planning the Olympics, or producing a movie.

The Resorts World project began in 2013 when the developer, Malaysia’s Genting Group, purchased an 87-acre parcel which included the beginnings of an abandoned resort construction project on the former site of the iconic Stardust casino.  The resort opening was originally planned for 2016, and plans included a number of towers, a “Great Wall of China,” and an exhibit of live pandas.  In the end, those features were scrapped, but the project does include two connected towers and some Asian-inspired décor.

Construction finally began in May of 2015, and the almost-completed resort boasts 3,500 rooms in three different pricing tiers and 40 food and beverage options. Factors which can delay construction projects include design changes, material delays, and problems with architects or subcontractors.

Finally, on June 24, 2021, the $4.3 billion dollar project opened.  The project’s end date is five years late, with substantial changes and room rates said to start at $370 per night.  Las Vegas businesses were allowed to return to 100% capacity as of June 1, 2021, which could make this perfect timing for Resorts World’s debut.

2.  What factors may have led to this location choice for the Genting Group’s resort project?

Guidance: With over 1,000 rooms, the Stardust opened on this site in 1958, claiming to be the largest resort hotel in the world.  For decades the location drew famous visitors to this popular part of the city.  Times changed, however, and in more recent years the Stardust, the neighboring Sahara, and other hotel/casinos in the area were closed and demolished.

By the early 2010’s, large empty tracts of land in this part of Las Vegas, as well as other ongoing projects in the vicinity, made this an interesting location choice for Resorts World. The company believes there is potential to lure locals and visitors alike back to the neglected north Strip.

It will be the city’s first major resort to open in a decade, and as the city reopens after the pandemic, this new property can hopefully help attract travelers and locals seeking a new place to explore.  Other projects in the vicinity, like a new music arena at the Venetian, the Allegiant Stadium, and the expansion of the convention center, may help increase traffic through Resorts World as well.

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