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Automating Operations

It’s your OM in the News roundup! Follow the links to recent posts from our faculty contributors, including thoughtful questions for class discussion.

This week’s focus is on the trend to use automation in operations to speed up customer flow.

Domino’s Expands Use of Virtual Ordering
Online app, chatbot, website… these are all sites where you can interact with Domino’s virtual ordering assistant, Dom. And coming soon to a test market near you, phone orders with Dom.  Read more…

Walmart: Check it Out
Walmart employees toting small scanners can now ring up orders on the floor in the Lawn and Garden department, saving customers the hassle of wheeling a heavy cart of mulch through the store.  Read more…

Image source: Shutterstock / Wichy

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Post has applications for inventory management, work design, product design, operations strategy, supply chain management, and queuing / waiting lines.Walmart: Check It Out
Automation, technology, process improvement and service processes are all appropriate topics, along with artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, Facebook, and phone orders.Domino’s Expands Use of Virtual Ordering