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Barnes and Noble CEO Decentralizes Purchasing

Breathing life back into bookstores is a passion of James Daunt, the latest in a string of CEO’s tasked with helping Barnes & Noble make a comeback.

Daunt’s strategy centers around decentralized purchasing and granting store managers freedom to choose a look and feel that caters to local residents and draws customers in.  He is fighting for the future of brick and mortar booksellers and is determined to win.

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Planning Capacity for Singapore’s Cruises to Nowhere

Royal Caribbean tests the waters with “Cruises to Nowhere” from Singapore’s Marina Bay Harbor, hoping to give pandemic-weary, travel-starved customers an escape onboard.

Trips range in duration from two to four nights, making no stops in any ports of call. The cost of a three-night ticket begins at $374 per person.

Capacity is strictly limited, many safety and cleaning protocols are in place, and COVID testing is required before passengers set foot onboard.

Demand was higher than expected when the ship departed in […]

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The Case of the Disappearing Daigou

Disappearing daigou are causing sales in Australia to plummet in key industries like infant formula, personal care and beauty, and nutritional supplements.

Daigou in Australia are personal shoppers who ship products to China. In this multi-billion dollar industry, millions in revenue have been lost by dairy and supplement brands because of changes precipitated by the pandemic.  Australian baby formula companies like Bubs, Nuchev, and A2 join others in daigou-driven markets to find new distribution strategies to get their products into the […]

Pandemic Speeds the Transition to Virtual Queuing

Will queues become a thing of the past?

Realistically, some queues will still exist post-pandemic, but many that go virtual now for health and safety reasons may stay virtual for efficiency’s sake later on.

Technology is becoming an invaluable tool in keeping customers safe, whether they are waiting to enter a favorite pub, spending time in airports, or seeking urgent care.  Magnetic queuing grids, timed-entry passes, and virtual lines are making waiting safer, more efficient, and more pleasant, and it appears that […]

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