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UPS and FedEx Manage Capacity for Peak Vaccine Shipping

UPS and FedEx are planning to increase vaccine delivery capacity threefold by May.

As of February 2021, the two companies were delivering about 14 million doses per week.  UPS in particular believes it can still prioritize timely vaccine delivery when increased production by multiple manufacturers allows triple the volume in May 2021.

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Robots: Why Can’t They Just Get Along?

Robots at Singapore’s Changi General Hospital are learning much needed communications skills.

The hospital uses about 50 robots from eight different manufacturers to perform a variety of tasks including assisting with surgery, cleaning, monitoring COVID isolation patients, and overseeing patients’ rehabilitation exercises.  Unfortunately, these robots could not communicate with each other, and hallway traffic jams occurred several times a day.

Two robots moving towards each other in a hallway would meet and freeze up, not knowing how to navigate around an object […]

Airlines Analyze Summer Capacity

European airlines must soon make critical decisions about summer flight schedules, but with the pandemic still raging and a slower-than-expected vaccine rollout schedules are being made and scrapped at a dizzying pace.

Consumers, unsure of what the future holds, now favor last-minute bookings, making it difficult for airlines to forecast or identify patterns to help them plan summer schedules.

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Virgin Hyperloop: First New Mass Transport in 100 Years?

Jay Walder, CEO of Virgin Hyperloop, is in the news again, this time pitching the idea of a 43-minute commute from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

A new concept video accompanies images of what customers of the future can expect.  Walder envisions this technology being used primarily for “short haul” routes for both passengers and cargo, and touts it as the first new form of mass transportation in 100 years.

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