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Fisker’s Second Venture: Mass Production and Direct Sales

Henrik Fisker’s first car company failed.  His second venture is going to be different.

Fisker plans to mass produce a more economically priced SUV in the electric vehicle market.  Like other car companies such as Toyota, he also intends to use contract manufacturing for production.

Like Tesla, Fisker plans to sell direct to consumers.

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Maersk to Launch Carbon Neutral Cargo Ship in 2023

Maersk is the largest container shipping company in the world.  The company plans to launch the first carbon neutral cargo ship in 2023.  The company has plans to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The issue is that this new vessel will operate on methanol produced from sustainable biomass or renewable sources.  Critics point out that biofuels are not a scalable fuel solution at this time.

Mass adoption of biofuels may not be the answer given this would lead to water scarcity and […]

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Location Moved RH From Quirky to Luxury

Homeware store RH has built its brand on luxury multichannel retail offerings.

Location is key to establishing luxury. Historic buildings with large dramatic stores topped with upscale restaurants establish the brand identity.

RH also carries substantial inventory, as evidenced by large catalogs reminiscent of pre-internet days.

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DHL Optimizes Packaging for e-Commerce Warehouses

DHL has developed a set of algorithms that determine the best fitting box for each order, which ultimately arrives at the boxing strategy that minimizes shipping costs.

DHL found an expected cost savings of 5%– 7% on annual shipping costs, when the system was tested in  e-commerce warehouses across three different industries in October 2020.

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