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Flight Attendants Rebel Against the Unfriendly Skies

Reports of passengers’ bad behavior on commercial flights have been all over the news. This behavior has taken its toll on flight attendants. Already stressed by a myriad of challenges in the workplace, they have had to endure insults, aggressive behavior, and threats from passengers. The pandemic has upended their workload and schedules and made uncertainty a permanent work stressor, but their well-being is critical to the quality of air travel. Video Spotlight: Reports of Unruly Passengers are Soaring – Airlines and Flight Attendants Want Stiffer Penalties (June 23, 2021, CNBC Television) This post is based on The New York Times article, Flight Attendants’ Hellish Summer: ‘I Don’t Even Feel [...]

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Climate Change Calls for New Ways to Predict Wildfires

Traditional forecasting models rely on historical data. That will not work when the future is nothing like the past. Kettle is a startup using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict areas where wildfires are most likely to occur. Its primary purpose is to help assess the risk of insurers’ portfolios and design appropriate reinsurance policies. The probability of a wildfire is dependent upon many variables. AI enables the processing of large amounts of data to detect emerging patterns and identify areas where homes are most at risk of being destroyed. Video Spotlight: WiFire: Technology to Predict and Prevent the Spread of Wildfires (November 12, 2019, University of California Television [UCTV]) This [...]

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Surging Productivity: A Potential Silver Lining to the Pandemic

The quick adoption of new technologies during the pandemic has boosted productivity. This boost could trigger economic growth and benefit everyone for several years as government investment in infrastructure provides further impetus to accelerate the pace of innovation in the workplace. The pandemic had already forced companies to do more with less; the changes in work methods and processes are here to stay. A surge in productivity could alleviate concerns about inflation and ensure a higher standard of living in the foreseeable future. Video Spotlight: What the Pandemic Productivity Boom Means for Workers and Growth (May 21, 2021, CNBC Television) This post is based on The Washington Post article, The [...]

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IHOP’s Flip’d Targets On-the-Go Customers

Flip’d by IHOP is the rebooted fast-casual spinoff from IHOP. Multiple locations are planned to open in 2021. Look for Flip'd in suburban areas in New York, Kansas, and Ohio, and at high-end convenience stores like Kwik Stop and Minit Mart. On-the-go customers can place their orders at digital kiosks or the counter.  Delivery and digital order pickup are available for off-premise customers. Video Spotlight: IHOP opening new restaurant Flip'd (May 21, 2021, KPRC 2 Click2Houston) This post is based on the Marketing Dive article, IHOP explores virtual brands, new loyalty program, by Alicia Kelso, August 6, 2021; the CNBC article, IHOP to launch new restaurant, Flip’d by IHOP, after [...]

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Bite Ninja Uses Remote Gig Workers to Take Faster Food Orders

During the pandemic, finding employees has become difficult. The fast food industry has been hit especially hard by a shortage of employees. Many restaurant workers have left the industry for reasons including better pay, fewer health risks, and more stability.  Additionally, enhanced unemployment benefits in the U.S. have kept many workers out of the workforce. Bite Ninja offers a new approach to help alleviate the employee shortage.  This service uses technology to allow workers to take orders at drive-thru restaurants remotely.  Workers do not need to be in the restaurant to take the orders.  Workers are provided by Bite Ninja, and can work for a variety of Bite Ninja’s customers [...]

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A Carpet That Reduces Footprints…Carbon Footprints, That Is.

  The next time you step on a commercial market, you may be walking on stored carbon dioxide. Interface, a maker of commercial flooring, has developed carpet tiles that have a negative carbon footprint. Their design involves the infusion and storage of carbon dioxide, and the processes to manufacture them are more energy-efficient. Other manufacturers are betting on this innovation to produce environmentally friendly plastics, fuels, concrete, and even fish food. The concept is attractive but it faces multiple obstacles before it becomes commercially viable and widely adopted.   Video Spotlight: Carbon as a Resource at Interface This post is based on The New York Times article, Has the Carbontech [...]

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