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Short-Term Fry Rationing for McDonald’s Japan

Desperate to satisfy demand for one of its most popular items, McDonald’s Japan flew three 747’s full of frozen fries from the U.S. in the final days of 2021. For the week beginning December 24, customers in Japan were limited to purchasing only small size fry orders to try to ration available inventory fairly.  Medium and large orders are said to be restored to the menu now that the rush airlift has arrived. Video Spotlight:   McDonald's faces a French fries shortage in Japan (Dec 22, 2021, Artnewsive) McDonald's rations fries in Japan for a week (Dec 24, 2021, AFP News Agency) This post is based on Asia Nikkei article, French-fry airlift [...]

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Samung’s New Chip-Making Plant To Add Capacity

Samsung is investing $17 billion to build a new advanced chip-making plant in Taylor, Texas. This is Samsung’s second facility in Texas to provide leading-edge manufacturing capacity for semiconductor production.  Samsung’s Taylor location decision is incentivized with property tax breaks and federal subsidies. Video Spotlight:   Samsung chooses Texas for $17 billion chip plant (Nov 24, 2021, Reuters) Sen. John Cornyn weighs in on Samsung coming to Taylor (Dec 17, 2021, KVUE) This post is based on The Verge article, Samsung is building a new $17 billion advanced chip plant in Texas, by Mitchell Clark and Jon Porter, November 23, 2021; the Thomas article, Samsung to Build $17 Billion Semiconductor Plant in [...]

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UPS Slows Down Due to Port Bottleneck

Congestion at ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach is causing a jam in UPS’ upstream supply chain network and slowing the flow of packages to customers. Some customers have switched to air cargo services to secure their shipments on time.  UPS is relying on advanced technology to match daily capacity with customer demand to speed up its package processing and flow. Video Spotlight:   Problems At The Port Of Los Angeles Continue (Oct 19, 2021, CBS Las Angeles) Port of Los Angeles exec on supply chain: We've seen progress ahead of another mini peak (Jan 4, 2022, CNBC Television) This post is based on the Supply Chain Dive article, Port congestion [...]

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Disney Genie: The Next Gen in Managing Lines?

Fast Pass and Max Pass are things of the past. Disney World has rolled out its new queueing programs, Disney Genie, Disney Genie Plus, and individual fees for very popular individual attractions. Disney Genie is a free program that anyone can access on a phone app to plan customized itineraries and see wait times in real time once guests are in the park. With Disney Genie Plus, guests pay $15/day at Disney World to access “Lighting Lanes” in some ways that are reminiscent of the old Fast Pass system. For certain very popular rides, times can only be reserved by paying an extra fee, ranging from $7 to $15 per [...]

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Amazon Adds Robotics Manufacturing To Its Repertoire

Amazon has opened a $40 million robotics manufacturing facility in Westborough, Massachusetts. The facility has 350,000 square feet of offices, research and development labs, and manufacturing spaces.  Mobile robots made in the facility will be used in Amazon’s warehouses worldwide for order fulfillment. Video Spotlight:   Amazon's Robotized Smart Factory in U.S.  (Oct 24, 2021, InGear Media) Amazon's Robotic Empire: Jeff Bezos' Smart Warehouses (Dec 23, 2021, Future City) This post is based on the Metro West Daily News article, Amazon opens new robotics facility in Westborough, creating over 200 jobs, by Lauren Young, October 22, 2021; the Seeking Alpha article, Amazon Fulfillment Investments Are Creating Value, by Eric Sprague, December 13, [...]

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Could We Have Forecast COVID Test Kit Demand?

Demand for home COVID tests is on the rise, but stores are out of stock. After reducing capacity when COVID trended down in the summer of 2021, rapid test manufacturers are ramping up production in response to the Delta and Omicron variants and the increased caseload in recent months. The FDA recently authorized more emergency use authorizations for home test kits, including ACON Laboratories’ FlowFlex, which it hopes will double availability of kits for U.S. consumers. However, many are standing in long lines waiting to get tested, required by their employers or schools, and the demand continues to grow. The Biden administration announced that it will provide 500 million free [...]

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