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Excess Retail Inventory

The COVID-19 pandemic has had lasting disruptions on inventory levels and supply chains for retail stores. A combination of changes in demand for certain items based on being quarantined, as well as disruptions in shipping and production, led to inventory shortages. In many cases, inventory was delayed and arrived late and out of season. Demand then changed due to a re-opening of the economy. This fluctuation resulted in combinations of shortages and excess inventories. Now, add in the inflation on essential items, such as energy and food, and the demand for many consumer goods has disappeared—resulting in excess inventory for many items. Video Spotlight:   Why stores are suddenly finding [...]

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Fast Food Changes

Fast food restaurants have made several changes, spurred by the needs of their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the major changes has been to focus on automation. An example of automation is the use of apps for ordering. Many restaurants are encouraging customers to order through apps. However, this presents problems in filling orders—specifically getting the food to the customers. In many cases, customers must go through the traditional drive-thru lane—frustrating customers with what is perceived to be unnecessary waits. So, many restaurants are adding multiple drive-thru lanes. An industry advertisement from Checker’s franchises suggested that one drive-thru lane isn’t enough. Taco Bell is leading the push with [...]

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Amazon’s HQ2 Plans Approved for Pentagon City

Amazon is building a second headquarters, known as PenPlace, in Pentagon City. PenPlace will have four renewable-energy powered buildings, with one featuring a Helix design totaling 3.3 million square feet.  The benefits offered to the community include hiring 25,000 employees, building a community high school, providing $30 million for Arlington’s affordable housing fund, constructing open spaces, and improving transportation. Video Spotlight:   Amazon gives tour of Met Park 3 years after Arlington was chosen for HQ2 (Nov 17, 2021, WUSA9) How Amazon HQ2 could change Arlington and D.C. (Apr 23, 2022, Washington Post) This post is based on the article, Arlington County has approved plans for Amazon’s HQ2 at National [...]

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Agility Robotics Is Developing a Bipedal Robot for Warehouses

Agility Robotics is focusing on developing a bipedal 'Digit' robot that can unpack trucks and move boxes around warehouses. Additional funding is secured to expand operations to three locations, namely Oregon, Bay Area, and Pittsburg, to deliver its robots to customers including Amazon and Ford. Video Spotlight:   The Future of Robotics (Apr 22, 2022, Agility Robotics) This post is based on the TechCrunch article, As it brings its bipedal robots to market, Agility announces a $150M round, by Brian Heater, April 22, 2022; the Crunchbase article, After Record Year, Robotics Investment Stays Strong Even In Shaky VC Market, by Chris Metinko, May 16, 2022; and the YouTube video in the Spotlight. [...]

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Grubhub’s NYC Free Lunch Failure

On May 17, 2022, Grubhub offered New York City residents a free lunch. Specifically, Grubhub offered $15 off orders placed between 11am and 2pm, not including tax, tip, or delivery fees. The offer was tremendously popular. At one point, Grubhub received 6,000 orders per minute. Orders arrived at a rate six times higher than a similar promotion the company ran in 2021. Unfortunately, instead of being a tremendous success, it turned into an epic failure. Almost immediately, the app failed and customers couldn’t complete their orders. Then many restaurants that should have benefited from the promotion were overwhelmed. Some restaurants turned the app off and didn’t accept orders. Other restaurants [...]

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Recalls, Material Shortages and More Lead to Baby Formula Shortages

Nationwide shortages of baby formula have had panicked parents desperately searching to find enough. The problem has been worsening and is expected to last at least through 2022.  Parents are taking to social media to assist each other in finding alternatives and to help raise awareness about this crisis. Video Spotlight:   Baby formula shortage across US l GMA  (May 6, 2022, ABC News) Baby formula shortage: factory linked to contamination reopens (June 4, 2022, CBS Los Angeles)  This post is based on the WebMD article, Baby Formula Shortage Getting Worse, by Carolyn Crist, May 3, 2022; the Fox Business article, Baby formula shortage hits 'crisis' level, sparking panic in [...]

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