Water Risk For a $5 Trillion Industry

October 6, 2017
Water Risk For a $5 Trillion Industry

Article Title: Nestle, Coca-Cola top list of companies disclosing water risk

Author of Article: Anya Khalamayzer

Date of article: September 14, 2017

Source URL: https://www.greenbiz.com/article/nestle-coca-cola-top-list-companies-disclosing-water-risk

Summarizing the key points from the 2017 Feeding Ourselves Thirsty report, this article relates specifically to OM in that it identifies a shortage of water and pollution of water as a risk to the sustainability of operations in the $5 trillion food and agribusiness industry. This risk is not just operational, but reputational, and has marketplace, regulatory, and litigation risks attached to it.  Nestle and Coca Cola earned the highest scores for their water risk management programs, while Chiquita earned only 1 point, given its lack of transparency.

Discussion Questions
1. Examine all the ways in your personal and professional life, you either consume or come in contact with items that consume water in the manufacture of them. Discuss what impact a shortage of water would have on you and the products both personally and professionally.

Guidance: This open-ended question can be used to encourage class discussion in process management, process improvement, ethics, productivity, product redesign, triple bottom line, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable supply chain.

2. Discuss what your personal and professional level of supply chain risk and resiliency is and what could potentially be done to mitigate the risk

Guidance: Enables a discussion of supply chain management complexity for even the smallest supply chain, risk planning, alternate sourcing, waste reduction.


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