Using a Big-Business App to Grow a Small Business

September 6, 2018
Using a Big-Business App to Grow a Small Business

A small business owner of a chauffeur company in the San Francisco Bay Area has successfully grown despite the competition from Lyft and Uber.

A major reason for his success involved the installation of a reservation system that is typically employed by much larger companies.  This reduced his back office overhead and increased his productivity significantly.

This post is based on the LCT article, Operator Made Bold Moves With His Small Fleet, by Martin Romjue, August 9, 2018. Image source: © Juice Images / age fotostock.

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe how better scheduling software impacts staffing, service quality and productivity.

Guidance: After students list the improvements to staffing, service quality and productivity, the instructor can easily lead a discussion on how all of these aspects are inter-related.

2. Why does the owner want to own one of every type of fleet vehicle?

Guidance: Students should recognize that having the capacity to fulfill all customer needs is the rationale for owning one of every type of vehicle.  It also allows flexibility in scheduling to meet the capacity needs for various assignments.

3. How important is staffing to the success of this business?

Guidance: Students should be able to see that the owner pays his staff well, provides individual training, and gains increased loyalty and productivity from his staff.   Ask the students to consider order winner(s) for this business versus Lyft and Uber.  How does staffing make a difference?  Or is staffing not as important as it first appears?


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