Triple Bottom Line: Wearing Masks to the Movies

July 20, 2020
Triple Bottom Line: Wearing Masks to the Movies

AMC Theaters has over 600 locations. When those locations re-open, new safety and health measures are in effect.

The new health and sanitation program, titled “AMC Safe & Clean,” will include measures such as initially capping movie showtimes at 30% of a theater’s seating capacity, disinfecting seating areas nightly using electrostatic sprayers, upgrading its ventilation systems, and requiring every AMC employee to wear masks while in the theater.

Following the announcement that customers would not be required to wear masks, the company quickly reversed the policy given public outcry against that decision.  Customers will now be required to wear masks and AMC will sell masks for $1 at the box office as well.

Video Spotlight: 

This post is based on the CNN article, AMC Theatres reverses course and will require customers to wear masks, by Frank Pallotta, June 19, 2020, and the YouTube videos in the Spotlight. Image source: Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

Discussion Questions:

1.  Provide examples of how AMC will need to create a new service blueprint, to include poka-yoke solutions, as part of the re-opening plan.

Guidance: This is a good case for students to further examine the importance to blueprint and create poka-yokes for service processes.  For example, students could be directed to draw a service blueprint starting with the customer arriving at the box office, getting the ticket validated, buying concessions, seating, etc.  Incorporating CDC guidelines in the process will further show the importance of planning the new processes.

The issue of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing will involve poka-yokes for the unexpected or the patrons who do not wish to comply with safety requirements.  Students should be able to develop at least one or two poka-yoke solutions for the reopening policies.

2. How do AMC’s re-opening safety initiatives support the Triple Bottom Line?

Guidance: Students should recognize that AMC’s policies support both social and environmental aspects.  Students should find through a web search of the Triple Bottom Line that there are many interpretations of this concept, but all share the view that there is a corporate responsibility that goes beyond the profit incentive.

The AMC case is a good launching point to discuss the Triple Bottom line concept and how companies will need to incorporate this into future operations during the pandemic.  A follow up discussion could be whether the “social” bottom line is here to stay post-pandemic or not.


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