The Reusable Origami Bottle

July 27, 2020
The Reusable Origami Bottle

The reusable bottle may never be the same.  DiFOLD has developed a bottle that is collapsible, and named it the Origami bottle.

One use of this bottle is for water.  The bottle can be folded easily and carried in collapsed form in a backpack or purse.  The user can then fill the container from a drinking fountain or refill station.  This would eliminate the need to purchase a plastic bottle of water.

The Origami bottle offers several features.  It is made from a plant-based material, whereas many competitor products use petroleum in their production.  This bottle’s material is easily recycled.  It is also durable.

Another use of this product is to refill it with other liquids besides water, leading to the nickname of ‘the Milk Man model’.   Although not as common today, at one point in time it was very common for milk to be delivered in reusable glass bottles.  The origami bottle hopes to replicate this approach by having customers bring back the bottle to the store to be refilled at the store.  Or it could be returned in collapsed form to a facility to be refilled.

Video Spotlight: Origami Bottle! Revolutionary space-saving bottle by DiFOLD (June 16, 2020, DiFOLD Inc.)

This post is based on the Fast Company article, This Reusable ‘Origami Bottle’ Folds to Fit In Your Pocket, by Adele Peters, June 26, 2020, the Kickstarter, Origami Bottle! Revolutionary space-saving bottle by DiFOLD, and  the YouTube video in the Spotlight. Image source: Shutterstock/yurchello108

Discussion Questions:

1.  What are the benefits of the Origami reusable bottle design?

Guidance: There are a variety of reusable bottles that are available.  One of the problems with many of these bottles is that they are the same size when empty.  The Origami bottle can be collapsed when not in use.  This makes it easier for people to transport the bottle.  It also offers advantages for other products.  The Origami bottle would be easier to return for a manufacturer to refill the bottle.

An additional feature is that the Origami bottle is made from plant-based material and can be recycled.  This makes it a very sustainable product.  Even with the use of plant-based material and the ability to recycle, it still has a 5-year lifespan

2. What supply chain aspects must be present for the Origami bottle to be successful?

Guidance: This bottle will suffer from some of the same problems as other reusable bottles.  To be effective, you must have a safe, clean supply of drinking water to refill the bottle.  With COVID-19, it may not be safe to use drinking fountains, or bottle refill stations to refill bottles.  If you can’t refill bottles in public, you need to refill bottles at home, or drink from plastic bottles.  This would reduce the advantage of the collapsibility of the Origami bottle.

If you are using the bottle to be refilled with other liquids, a new distribution system must be in place to refill the bottle.  Again, COVID-19 concerns might be an issue.

3. How does the pandemic impact reusable containers?

Guidance: One of the advantages of disposable containers is that you are reducing the transportation and handling of containers that could potentially be contaminated with coronavirus.  Additionally, there are no concerns as to how the containers are cleaned for reuse with disposable containers.  Reusable containers now face additional procedures to insure they are transported and cleaned properly.


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