Taxis To Take Flight in 2024

October 23, 2018
Taxis To Take Flight in 2024

Transcend Air’s flying taxi will make the 1960’s Jetsons’ aircraft a reality by 2024.

Passengers of the six-seater vertical takeoff and landing vehicle can skip the airport, skip the lines, and travel for about the same price as a conventional commercial flight.  With a design that is quieter than a helicopter and can fly three times as fast, the taxi’s 400mph flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco would take only 55 minutes.

Video Spotlight: Manhattan – Boston, $283, 36 mins, No Airports = No Congestion

This post is based on the Travel and Leisure article, Flying Taxi Company Wants to Get You From New York City to Boston in 36 Minutes, by Talia Aviakan, October 2, 2018; the Mass Live post, Flying taxi to travel from Boston to New York in 36 minutes, by Michelle Williams, September 26, 2018; and the YouTube video, Manhattan – Boston, $283, 36 mins, No Airports = No Congestion, by Peter Schmidt, September 19, 2018. Image source: Fanatic Studio/Alamy.

Discussion Questions:

1. How is this new type of air transport more sustainable than traditional aircraft like planes or helicopters?

Guidance: The flying taxi uses propellers rather than rotors like a traditional helicopter, so it is quieter and can fly faster and at a lower cost.  Less noise pollution is a plus, as are reduced commutes through often heavily congested routes around airports.  Travelers can skip the drive to the airport and the fuel use and air pollution which accompany it.  Since the taxi can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, airports and runways are unnecessary, and passengers can avoid the time normally spent checking in, boarding, taxiing, and waiting on a plane.  Travel costs and travel time can both be reduced.

2. Where are flying taxis in the product life cycle?

Guidance: This technology is in the very early introductory phase and is not ready for market yet.  The design concept is being perfected, and the idea needs to be marketed and consumers persuaded that this is a desirable mode of travel.  With a launch date of 2024, there is still plenty of time to educate potential customers of the benefits of this mode of travel and start to build interest and demand.


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