Amazon Wants Convenience Stores to Be More Convenient

Amazon Wants Convenience Stores to Be More Convenient

As Amazon expands its presence in physical retail, it is also trying to disrupt it.

We all dread checkout lines at the grocery store. To eliminate this bottleneck in the shopping experience, Amazon is experimenting with a new concept that involves digital cameras, sensors, computers, and phone apps. The company’s initial building project has been scaled down from large grocery stores to convenience stores. After several years of research and millions of dollars spent, the project remains at the pilot stage.

In the end, the project may be more about a new, big idea than a store.   

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This post is based on the Bloomberg Businessweek article, Amazon’s Ambitious Research Project Is a Convenience Store, by B. Stone and M. Day, July 18, 2019, and the YouTube video, How Does Amazon Go Work?by Techquickie, March 13, 2018. Image source: Hero Images / Image Source.

Discussion Questions:

1. At what stage of the life cycle is this project? Justify your answer.

Guidance: This is a pilot project. The pilot project itself is in the execution and monitoring stages. Quality is assessed with thorough testing, and changes are Continue reading