Toddler Gets Popsicle by Drone

Toddler Gets Popsicle by Drone

August 27, 2018

Solving the last-mile delivery problem is difficult.

One approach that is being considered is delivery by drone.  Previous OM in the News posts have looked at drone use by Zipline and Doordash.  Now, the FAA has conducted a test with a drone out of line-of-sight of the operator.

The test: delivering a Popsicle in 6 minutes from a simulated store, to a 2-year-old more than a mile away. The FAA’s drone didn’t land, but instead hovered, and lowered the Popsicle with a tether.

Current regulations limit the use of drones to line-of-sight operation.  If tests like this one are successful, the line-of-sight limitation might be lifted.

Video Spotlight: Toddler’s Popsicle-by-Air Marks Milestone in U.S. Drone Delivery

This post is based on the Bloomberg article, Toddler’s Popsicle-by-Air Marks Milestone in U.S. Drone Delivery, by Alan Levin, August 8, 2018; and the Bloomberg video, accompanying Bloomberg video. Image source: wundervisuals/Getty Images.

Discussion Questions:

1. What problems are facing the use of drones for the last-mile-delivery?

Guidance: In the US, regulations are part of the problem.  The FAA hasn’t approved drones for use beyond line-of-sight.  The Popsicle delivery was one test of concept Continue reading