Apple’s Clean Energy Supply Chain

Apple’s Clean Energy Supply Chain

August 3, 2018

Apple has already announced that its entire global operation, from corporate buildings to retail stores, are now powered totally by renewable energy sources. This year, Apple is looking to bring the supply chain to the same renewable energy standard, by investing in clean energy projects in China.

Video spotlight: Apple announced an even larger investment ($850M) in solar in February 2015

This post is based on the Apple Insider article, Apple launches $300M fund to power Chinese supply chain with clean energy, by Mikey Campbell, July 12, 2018, and the YouTube video from Bloomberg, Apple taps First Solar for renewable energy in $850M deal, February 13, 2015. Image sources: Shutterstock / Ververidis Vasilis and Shutterstock / Lightspring.

Discussion Questions:

1. Beyond the ability to work with Apple, what are suppliers’ incentives to use renewable energy?

Guidance:  Students should be able to list the advantages in keeping costs down by using renewable sources such as wind and solar power.  This is a straightforward discussion.  The next question should be:  What are the requirements (technology and staff) to maintain a renewable energy source?  Would outsourcing to a wind or solar farm be worthwhile? Continue reading