What’s Your Amazon Day?

What’s Your Amazon Day?

March 24, 2019

Slower delivery, fewer packages.  Is it a step back in time or Amazon’s newest innovation for reducing packaging waste and delivery costs?

Bucking current trends for quick delivery including the success of its own Amazon Prime service, the company is now asking Prime customers in its test market to choose one day each week for consolidated deliveries.

“Amazon Day” is Amazon’s latest attempt to slow the deluge of demand for two-day deliveries and to reduce the number of boxes shipped to households.  Amazon Prime subscribers can order throughout the week up to two days before their preferred delivery day, and all the orders will be shipped out at once.

Video Spotlight: Amazon to let Prime members choose what day of the week to deliver

This post is based on the Seattle Times article, Amazon aims to save packaging, reduce emissions with designated delivery day, by Benjamin Romano, February 28, 2019; the Fortune article, “Amazon Day” Shipping Option Aims to Reduce Deliveries and CO2 Emissions, by Grace Dobush, March 1, 2019; and the YouTube video, Amazon to let Prime members choose what day of the week to deliver, by Good Morning America, March 1, 2019. Continue reading