Fish Leather Is High Fashion

Fish Leather Is High Fashion

May 20, 2019

Fish skins are being transformed into high-fashion pieces!

Europe’s only fish tannery, Iceland’s Atlantic Leather, produces about one ton, or 10,000 skins, of fish leather each month.

All fish come from sustainable sources, and the tannery uses hydro and geothermal power to run its facility.  All water is reused eight or nine times during the production process.  In addition, natural, non-polluting dyes color the skins, which are then transformed into purses, shoes, belts, and other high-end fashion by some of Europe’s top designers.

Fish leather holds potential as a substitute for leather from endangered species like snakes and alligators.

Video Spotlight:Uneins X Atlantic Leather Iceland

This post is based on the Bloomberg article, Meet the fish leather pioneers, by Beth Timmins, May 1, 2019; and the YouTube video, Uneins X Atlantic Leather Iceland, by ilshll, August 4, 2017. Image source: NorthStar203/Getty Images

Discussion Questions:

1. How might fish leather help improve the livelihood of fishing communities?

Guidance: While fish leather currently represents only 1% of total leather production, it holds promise as a way to improve the livelihood of fishing communities by creating an industry from a major by-product without cutting into Continue reading