How the Red Cross Spells Relief

How the Red Cross Spells Relief

October 10, 2017

Article Title: Red Cross urges financial donations for Harvey victims

Authors of Article: George W. Rhodes

Date of article: September 1, 2017

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This articles deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and how people can best help the victims.  It raises an interesting supply chain issue—donation of goods.  The Red Cross has urged that people donate money rather than physical goods.

From a supply chain perspective, donating money results in a more efficient supply chain, as the right items can be purchased and shipped immediately.  And it would avoid mounds of unnecessary donation items, such as winter coats and lingerie, which aren’t high on the priority list for Harvey’s victims.

But, at a personal level people may receive more satisfaction from donating goods.

Discussion Questions
1. What are the supply chain problems associated with the donation of goods for hurricane relief?

Guidance: Potential answers include the added cost of sorting, packing, and shipping donated good, plus the delay that these activities might add in getting goods to victims that need help immediately.  Additionally, some of the good may not be useable or of immediate need.

2. Should the Continue reading