End of the Great KFC Chicken Shortage of 2018?

End of the Great KFC Chicken Shortage of 2018?

April 30, 2018

Have you been following The Great KFC Chicken Shortage of 2018? See previous OM in the News posts (KFC’s Chicken Shortage and What the Cluck Happened to KFC?) for more of a background, but to recap: In February 2018, KFC was forced to close over 700 restaurants in the United Kingdom due to a shortage of chicken.  The problem resulted from switching suppliers from Bidvest to DHL and Quick Service Logistics (QSL).

Two months after the shortage, problems continue.  As of April 21, 2018, approximately 400 of KFC’s 900 UK restaurants have a full menu in place.

That leaves approximately 500 restaurants with a partial menu, and KFC is predicting 98% of the menu will be available by early May.

According to a spokesperson from Bidvest (the original and now-rehired supplier). “Every KFC restaurant that Bidvest Logistics services will be on full menu from Tuesday, April 24.” DHL did not respond to a request for comment.

This post is based on the Telegraph article, Less Than Half of KFC Sites Have Full Menu Months after Delivery Fiasco, by Bradley Gerrard, April 21, 2018. Image source: Dima Fadeev/ 123RF.

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