VW Partners with Amazon Web Services

VW Partners with Amazon Web Services

Volkswagen (VW) is in partnership with Amazon Web Services to link more than 120 VW factories to 1,500 suppliers and 30,000 plants worldwide via a cloud-based software and data portal.

The “industrial cloud” digitizes factory processes from stamping to painting to maintenance.  Supplier partners use an app store approach to share and contribute software applications.  Amazon provides support services, including data analytics and computing.

Video Spotlight: VW and Amazon team up to create an industrial cloud (Mar 28, 2019, Arirang News)

This post is based on the IT News article, VW sees Amazon-built ‘industrial cloud’ as future B2B marketplace, by Paul Lienert, July 24, 2020, and the YouTube video in the Spotlight. Image source: Shutterstock / vectorfusionart

Discussion Questions:

1.  What are the strategic implications of VW’s industrial cloud?

Guidance: The industrial cloud integrates VW factories with its suppliers and plants to digitize processes and improve supplier relationships.  The cloud technology better positions VW to compete on responsiveness, quality, and flexibility.

2. What role does VW’s industrial cloud play in its supply chain operation?

Guidance: The industrial cloud enables VW to address the barriers to integration of suppliers by sharing data Continue reading