Hospitals Work Around IV Bag Shortage

Hospitals Work Around IV Bag Shortage

January 26, 2018

A shortage of IV bag has limited the ability of hospitals nationwide to deliver IV-administered drugs to patients.

The IV bag shortage results from a disruption of IV bag production at Puerto Rican plants, after the hurricane cut the power supply.  The shortage has hospitals scrambling to find alternatives and workarounds to handle an influx of patients during the flu season.

This post is based on the USA Today article, Hospitals find other ways to deliver medicine amid IV bag shortage, by Anne Saker and Shari Rudavsky, January 14, 2018.

Discussion Questions
1. How does the IV bag shortage affect health services?

Guidance: Issues include inability to provide patients with the IV-administered drugs, devise less effective and efficient alternatives and workarounds, stop elective procedures

2. What are healthcare providers’ responses to the IV bag shortage issue?

Guidance: They’re finding secondary suppliers where possible, rescheduling patients, and finding ways to permanently reduce the use of IV bags.

3. In what ways can the IV bag shortage issue be better understood from a supply chain management perspective?

Guidance: Supply chain disruption and risk mitigation is of particular importance to the health care industry; alternative means to provide Continue reading