Biometrics May Reduce Lines at Airport Security

Biometrics May Reduce Lines at Airport Security

Article Title: Passing Through Airport Security with the Touch of a Finger

Author of Article: C. Martin

Date of article: September 8, 2017

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A company called Clear is working with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in US airports to implement biometrics. The plan is to reduce congestion at airport security checkpoints. The biometrics involved are fingerprints and iris scans, and they would help some flyers bypass the document-verification step of the TSA’s screening process. The roll-out has been slower than expected, but 24 airports are currently using Clear’s technology.

Discussion Questions
1. What challenges does Clear face in implementing this new technology?

Guidance: Possible discussion areas include hacking concerns, potential liability issues, how fast the product can be rolled out, acceptance of the technology by flyers, training workers at security checkpoints, and maintaining the technology.

2. Passengers require a speedy screening process and tight airport security. What are some of the technical requirements for Clear’s product?

Guidance: A good opportunity to incorporate House of Quality. Can discuss service quality, and the benefits of lead time reduction.

3. What might a process flow chart look like for TSA screening with and without the Continue reading