COVID-Sniffing Dogs in Helsinki

COVID-Sniffing Dogs in Helsinki

November 4, 2020

Ten amazing dogs sniff out COVID-19 carrying passengers in Finland’s Helsinki airport.

In a pilot program, passengers are asked to volunteer to run a test wipe across their skin to collect a sweat sample.  The wipe is placed in a cup in a nearby booth, where the dogs quickly go to work and make a physical sign to indicate samples that carry the virus.

These canines can detect the virus in only ten seconds, and up to five days before symptoms even appear.  If one of the dogs indicates that a passenger carries the virus, the person is then sent for a nasal swab test for confirmation.

The airport is hopeful that it can eventually use medical dogs as part of the normal screening process to find effective and efficient ways to keep travelers safe.

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This post is based on the Science Alert article, Dogs Deployed at Helsinki Airport Can Detect COVID-19 With Almost 100% Accuracy, by Michelle Starr, September 25, 2020; the Yahoo! Life article, Dogs Continue reading