The 26 Second T-Shirt

The 26 Second T-Shirt

September 28, 2017

Title of Article: China Snaps Up America’s Cheap Robot Labor

Author of Article: K. Hamlin

Date of Article: August 30, 2017

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This BusinessWeek article describes the production of a 33¢ T-shirt by a Chinese company in the United States (US). In early 2018, Tianyuan Garments Co. will open a $20 million factory in Little Rock, Arkansas, using American-made robots which can produce a T-shirt every 26 seconds.

Tianyuan is one of the largest apparel makers supplying major brands worldwide. Rising labor costs in China have made production with robots attractive, and rapid advances in technology have made feasible the complex process of sewing. Further advances in the garment industry are around the corner.

Discussion Questions

1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for Tianyuan in having a factory overseas.

Could discuss tax cuts, labor costs in the US, fewer workers due to automation, consistency in output, capacity utilization, depreciable assets, capital investment, and currency fluctuation.

2. Develop a plausible worker-machine chart for the Tianyuan factory in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Groups of machines will likely be managed by 1 or 2 workers to ensure the 26 second takt time.  See Softwear Automation’s simulation of a Continue reading