Dreamliners Face Another Quality Nightmare

Dreamliners Face Another Quality Nightmare

October 8, 2018

Boeing’s 787 jetliners have been grounded for emergency repairs due to defective engine blades made by Rolls-Royce Holding PLC.

Rolls-Royce discovered that the Trent 1000 turbines in the 787 engine were “deteriorating faster than expected” when an Air New Zealand jet experienced engine problems in December 2017.

The projected cost for Rolls-Royce to fix design faults with its engine blades and replace affected parts is $1.3 billion.

This post is based on the Industry Week article, Dreamliners Are Being Grounded Again on Rolls-Royce Engine Flaws, by Benjamin Katz, September 27, 2018. Image source: (c) 77studio/Getty Images.

Discussion Questions:

1. What kind of engine design improvements should Boeing expect from Rolls-Royce in the future?

Guidance: Boeing should expect Rolls-Royce to improve the engine’s design reliability and robustness to deliver an engine that is durable, serviceable, and also consistent in performance and quality.

2. What can Rolls-Royce do to improve the quality of engines that it produces?

Guidance: Rolls-Royce should consider its engine’s quality costs including appraisal, prevention, and failure costs.  It should also employ six sigma methodology for process improvement in its engine production.