Increasing the Pace of Food Recalls

Increasing the Pace of Food Recalls

August 20, 2018

Over the past two months, more contaminated products like Ritz crackers, Swiss rolls, and McDonald’s salads, have been recalled than in the ten years prior.

This dramatic change, however, does not necessarily mean the safety of our nation’s food supply has rapidly declined; rather, the use of rapid, carefully tracked recalls as a preventive measure has increased.

Video Spotlight:FDA food recall delays could put people at risk

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This post is based on the Becker’s Hospital Review article, FDA, CDC food recalls climb, by Harrison Cook, July 30, 2018; and a YouTube video, FDA food recall delays could put people at risk, by CBS Evening News, December 26, 2017. Image source: karandaev ©

Discussion Questions:

1.  What accounts for the sudden increase in the number of recalls?

Guidance: This sudden uptick in the number of recalls may in part be in response to previous reports claiming that the government agencies had been far too slow in initiating recalls for food products that Continue reading