Made in China: From Scary Bad to Scary Good

Made in China: From Scary Bad to Scary Good

China has climbed the quality ladder. Once associated with cheap, poorly made goods, Chinese manufacturers are emerging as strong players in the production of quality electronics and garments.

Global competitiveness has spurred quality improvements in exports, but the rapid rise of a prosperous middle class in China has also driven Chinese manufacturers to provide local markets with the quality products they demand.

This post is based on the Quality Digest article, Made in China: From Scary Bad to Scary Good, by D. Dusharme, May 29, 2018.  Image source: cookelma/Getty Images.

Discussion Questions:

1. What internal and external factors have likely contributed to the improved quality of products made in China?

Guidance: Factors for discussion include global competition (need to compete with Japan, EU, and US), technology (advanced manufacturing technologies have made it possible to meet high standards of quality), technological know-how (expertise acquired through outsourcing by US and EU companies), changing demographics in China, and a strong global economy.

2. The first part of the article addresses the challenges of overcoming a poor reputation for quality. Why does it take so long to change perceptions about quality? Is China experiencing the same problems?

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