Boeing’s New Quality Transformation Program: Will It Fly?

Boeing’s New Quality Transformation Program: Will It Fly?

February 19, 2019

Will Boeing’s new “Quality Transformation” program fly?

Boeing is revamping quality inspection processes and plans to eliminate up to 900 quality inspector jobs over the next two years.  The plan involves mechanics doing more checks of their own work, rather than using inspectors to verify accuracy.  In addition, automated processes or tools make mechanics’ work simpler, more accurate, and faster, further reducing the number of inspections needed.  Another key to the program is using sampling rather than inspecting every job for accuracy.

In December, however, Boeing’s sampling process indicated that one job category failed to meet its 95% standard, with only 93% of the sampled tasks being done correctly. Additionally, some unionized quality inspectors are concerned that quality is being compromised and that Boeing may be pressuring inspectors to make it look like the new processes are doing the job even if they aren’t.

This post is based on the Seattle Times article, Boeing’s move toward fewer inspectors is questioned following quality control audit, by Dominic Gates, February 1, 2019; and the Herald Net article, Boeing revamps quality control: More high tech, fewer humans, also by Dominic Gates, January 22, 2019. Image source: Monty Rakusen/Getty Continue reading