Quality Control Checks for Crunch

Quality Control Checks for Crunch

December 19, 2018

Quality managers at Majans, a snack manufacturer in Australia, will soon get an alert on their smartphones instantly when their snack’s moisture content compromises its crunchiness.

Working with Microsoft, Majans is testing a cloud-connected spectrometer to measure moisture content.  The moisture reading is uploaded to the cloud and analyzed every two seconds to ensure snacks stay sufficiently crunchy.

This post is based on the MarketScreener.com article, Microsoft: Your Snack’s Crunch Is Cloud-Verified, by Mike Cherney, November 24, 2018. Image source: Shutterstock / Jirsak.

Discussion Questions:

1. How is Majans defining quality of its snacks in operational terms?

Guidance: The quality of Majan’s snack is defined by its crunchiness, which is determined by the right level of moisture content.

2. What are the benefits of Majans’ cloud-based quality control system?

Guidance: The quality control system provides real-time moisture readings for accurate and instantaneous testing of crunchiness without taking a physical sample, resulting in less waste and more cost savings.