Budding New Business for LEDs

Budding New Business for LEDs

June 4, 2018

Philips LED bulbs with specially tailored light recipes are helping Dutch growers produce roses with longer, heavier stems and bigger buds.

These features command higher prices, so the new roses hold real promise for the indoor horticulture industry.  Philips’ new toplights which are being used to power the growth of the supersized flowers are very energy efficient, and the company guarantees they will last 35,000 hours.

Tunable LED lighting is increasingly being used to improve the appearance, potency, smell, and taste of plants, including fruits and vegetables.  According to a recent market research forecast from Technavio, the global indoor farming market will grow nearly 20 percent over the next four years.

This post is based on the LEDs Magazine article, Philips Says LEDs Make a Rosier Rose, by Mark Halper, April 17, 2018; and the Monitor Daily article, Global Indoor Farming Technologies Market to Grow 20% by 2022 (no author cited), April 30, 2018. Image sources: © 68/Ocean/Corbis; choness/Getty Images.

Discussion Questions:

1. How do advances in LED lighting technology stand to impact global food availability, sustainability, productivity, and quality?

Guidance: This amazing, sustainable technology allows food to be grown indoors in urban areas, increasing the Continue reading