United Pilots ConnectionSaver

United Pilots ConnectionSaver

September 15, 2019

United Airlines is piloting its new ConnectionSaver computer technology, helping passengers make tight connections they would have otherwise missed.

Whereas other airlines use gate agents or other humans to make the decision whether to hold a flight to help flyers make their connections, United’s new system is controlled by computer and can only be overridden by United supervisors in operations centers.

Denver’s airport was the first to try the program last February. LAX began using ConnectionSaver in June.  Since implementation, United estimates it has enabled up to 36,000 passengers to make their connections by briefly delaying outbound flights.

Video Spotlight: United introduces ConnectionSaver tool

This post is based on the LA Times article, United Airlines’ new technology aims to cut down on missed connections, by Hugo Martin, August 30, 2019, and the YouTube video, United introduces ConnectionSaver tool, by United, June 10, 2019. Image source: Dennis Lane/Blend Images

Discussion Questions:

1. What factors play a role when making these scheduling decisions?

Guidance: The software considers data from airlines schedules, passenger itineraries, and other sources to see how long a flight can be postponed to decrease missed connections without negatively impacting other fliers.  The computer Continue reading