Bans on Drive-Thrus Continue

Bans on Drive-Thrus Continue

October 27, 2019

Some cities in the US and Canada have banned new drive-thru restaurants in an effort to combat societal and health issues such as curb pollution, obesity, and traffic.

One Canadian study of bans in 27 cities showed improved health results but a similar study in southern Los Angeles found increased obesity rates after the ban was implemented.

For additional information, see our previous OM in the News post on the ban Minneapolis placed on new drive-thrus.

Video Spotlight: Why Some US Cities Are Banning Drive-Thrus | TODAY

This post is based on the CBS News article, Cities ban new drive-thrus to fight climate change, by Kate Gibson, October 14, 2019, and the YouTube video, Why Some US Cities Are Banning Drive-Thrus | TODAY, by Today, October 11, 2019. Image source: Glow Images

Discussion Questions:

1. What can fast-food restaurants do to work around this new limitation to their core service process?

Guidance: Students will likely struggle to envision a new set of processes to replace the traditional drive-thru process.  Suggestions to stimulate idea generation: Consider the use of technology to order ahead and allow delivery by the store, the “old” drive-in model Sonic continues to Continue reading