DoorDash Delivers: Groceries

DoorDash Delivers: Groceries

August 31, 2020

DoorDash is providing on-demand grocery delivery with its DashPass service.

Customers can place orders with participating grocery retailers and have their orders delivered within an hour. The DashPass service is an end-to-end online grocery solution including ordering, fulfillment, and delivery, extending its meal delivery and last-mile delivery services.

Video Spotlight: How to Get Groceries Delivered DoorDash, 7-Eleven, Target, CVS Delivering  (Apr 2, 2019, News Today)

This post is based on the Supermarket News article, DoorDash makes foray into on-demand grocery delivery, by Russell Redman, August 20, 2020, and the YouTube video in the Spotlight. Image source: Shutterstock / Maria Sbytova

Discussion Questions:

1.   What are the implications of DoorDash’s DashPass service for operations management?

Guidance: DoorDash’s DashPass is an end-to-end grocery solution including ordering, fulfillment and delivery.  As such, DoorDash will need to expand its suppliers to grocery retailers and adapt its operation to include online ordering and fulfillment.

2. Comment on DoorDash’s DashPass service from a service design perspective.

Guidance: From a service design perspective, DoorDash’s DashPass is an expansion of its meal and last-mile delivery services to on-demand grocery ordering and fulfillment services.  It is a service design Continue reading